06 November 2007



:: i wonder where inspira is right now

:: so many to-do items were accomplished - i finished the bulk of my work for this year, i bought my air tickets (to seattle, to virgnia, to new york, to new orleans), and i'm very excited about seeing my love in the lovers' state (virginia is for lovers - i know, it's corny)

:: i'm finding lots of inspiration - because i'm happy and am so in love right now

:: it's funny how distance is not a problem any more in a long-distance marriage

:: love not only inspires but propels me on. i wish you lots of love.



Inspira said...

Awww....your love is so inspirational, you and E. M and I are in London right now and dreading to go back home on Saturday! :-(

exp said...

i know that "dread"... but selfish me would love to see you here in the tropics! enjoy the last days of your vacation sweetie pie, you'll be back for more, i'm sure!