19 November 2007


a conversation between my sister and myself on sunday.

"you should get today's newspaper"


"there's a feature on singapore property market - prices are slated to go up - hillview is undervalued. "

"slated to go up - when? why is hillview undervalued?"

"dunno - but the report says the area will go up"

"the straits times earns a lot of advertising dollars from real estate developers."

"no, i don't see any advertisements. the report is quite objective."

i did buy the sunday times and did see the "bumper" issue on real estate and found the following:

  1. advertisement abounds
  2. advice of future housing inflation doled out by "researchers" who are attached to real estate agencies

i, for more than once, doubt what i learnt in school about rational expectations.

the usual disclaimer applies: all of the above are opinions. ~exp~

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mini said...

issac newton and the south sea bubble bubble bubble heheh