26 November 2007

3B and 3M

I was in a manic cleaning mode over the past weekend.

*scrub* *disinfect* *polish*

I will be attacking the living room this weekend, then off to the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon on Sunday to give M a moral boost and be his "official photographer".

In the meantime, feast your eyes on these from Blue Bell Bazaar.

(Images from Blue Bell Bazaar)

If not for the fact that our kitchen is in red (and white) and our living room swathed in muted grey, I'd purchase the orange compote in a heart-beat.

Exp, the compote will look beautiful in your future orange and aqua kitchen. :-) ~ Inspira


e said...

exp doesn't need any help, inspira. 8^p

Inspira said...

Oh e, everyone needs help once in a while....*heeeee*

exp said...

oh inspira, i'm very impressed! you actually remembered my dream orange+aqua kitchen!

i think e smelled trouble from a distance (pan pacific)

Gosia said...

Thank you so much for your post about my etsy store. Fondly, Gosia