21 October 2007

Oooh La La!

Exp, we got to Paris in one piece and thank you - British Airways far exceeded our expectations when it came to in flight food - they were good! :-P

M and I watched the Rugby World Cup final on Saturday and it was amazing! The atmosphere was electric and even though the English lost, the fans who flooded the city congratulated the Springboks for a good match well done. Now that's what a game should be. Good game, good play, good fans. ~ Inspira


exp said...

inspira, awww, you guys look so cute together!

more pictures!

glad you enjoyed BA ;)

mini said...

that's awesome! and i don't even get rugby, imagine how jealous i'd be if i did :)

Inspira said...

Mini, you'll love Rugby - it's much easier to understand than soccer!

Exp, thanks. :-)