24 October 2007


M and I have been in Berlin for 2 days now. A side-trip for M's conference.

I haven't done much in this city apart from sleeping in - a deliberate attempt to nurse my (still) flu-ey state of mind.

I haven't been back in Deutschland for 20 years now. It has changed so much I forgot how beautiful it can be even even in this cold weather.

I love this land for its precision. Everything is well thought of. Germans are one of the most environmentally concious lot;, there's a recycling bin at every corner - one for plastic, one for glass, one for recycled paper. What I love best - the supermarket cashiers will not pack for you your groceries as they do not provide plastic bags. A move that will not only save billions of dollars but one that is of concious effort towards a better living environment. ~ Inspira


exp said...

i heard the german graffiti is precise and neat too!

Marnie said...

Exp, yes! It's all that new age modern art - it's VERY structured! :-)