17 September 2007

Ready, Set, Go!

Things have been a tad bit chaotic.

Work seems endless (so what else is new?). The girls have been a handful. Home requires a bit of the magic wand for quick clean-up. And in between all that, I have been busy making notes of our Parisian holiday.

You'll be glad to know that M and I finally bought our flight tickets. On British Airways. (ahh...for those who have followed our story, I decided to drop Singapore Airlines off our list as they don't award mileage for open-jaw tickets! Is it cartel or is it not cartel?!?) Anyways, I'm sure I will enjoy my BA flight. Besides, if Exp says her experience is good, then I dare say, it's good enough for me.

So, I have quite a spot of shopping to do whilst in Paris. From the flea-market trawls to the high-end wallet bursting trip. And yes, I belong to the former camp. I'll be spending my friends' money at the high-end high browed boutiques. But maybe just this one time, I'll crawl into a Longchamp boutique in Paris or a Mulberry one in London --> I'm old-fashioned that way. M is intrigued and surprised that apart from my wallet, my bag collection does not have "membership" with the high society of the Parisian or Italian couture.

Most will say I'm cheap. To that I say, it's the design not the brand dah-ling. You can buy a brand but you can't buy style. ~ Inspira


mini said...

hi inspr ... have fun on your trip!

and don't forget to try the yummy desserts in paris and post photos hee

Inspira said...

Thanks Mini - we will! The cafes will be my refuge whilst in Paris. :-)