13 September 2007


i was feeling so blah yesterday, i went home after a "fieldtrip." i needed to be with my mom and sister. i don't know when i turned my cell off, but i slept early and the 12-hour time difference between US east coast and Singapore translated to panic and my husband's hitting the roof when he could not get hold of me during my "normal" work hours. yes, he has left Singapore and is now using the greenback.

i'm in deep trouble. i woke up today and saw two messages on my cell: "Where are you?"

now, i can't get hold of my husband. instant karma.

but after yesterday's full blast of blahness, allowing myself to wallow in indulgent self-pity, i'm ready to work again.

i realize how unhappy i've been about a single factor for almost a year. this means a lot to me - to be able to figure out my source of unhappiness. removing it is easy, it just takes time.

and patience.

and hell yes, i'm removing it. for my husband. but first, i hope he will be reading this and know that i'm alive and kicking and that i'm terribly sorry.



mini said...

awww hope you're sorta 'recharged' from the break!

Inspira said...

I hope you're feeling better...and I'm sure E knows you're sorry.

e said...

hun i wasn't mad, just worried. 8^)