24 September 2007

envirosax - yay green!

this is not new, but i've yet seen anybody toting this around in singapore ( while fake anya hindmarch's "i'm not a plastic bag"(s) infest this part of the world.) i saw them yesterday at OG - People's Park. they are roomy, roll up into a small bundle and the best part: they are waterproof/washable - think umbrella fabric.

S$9.90 each (a 10% discount if you are a member) and S$35 (10% discount applies too) for a pack of 5. check out delight.com if you live elsewhere. ~exp~

Flora Envirosax

my personal favorite is the (david) hicksian black and white chain-link bag:

Modern Black Envirosax


Julia said...

nice! i've got the blue one with doves.

mini said...

was alwyas nonchalent when friends in SG mention fake bags. but when i was there, i finally understood what they meant!

Inspira said...

I love the red and green ones - I feel like buying them now! Terrible you Exp! :-P

exp said...

julia, i wanted the blue one but it wasn't available :(

and... i got the red one (too), inspira :)

mini, yeah, "infestation" was an understatement ... ;P