25 July 2007

scones + earl

+ both have arrived...


awaiting walls to adorn.

+ and i'm lusting after these...

Crate and Barrel Bed Linens July 07

they just seem to fit in well with what i have in mind for my boudoir.

+ bought this for SGD3, currently reading this and this.

+ i'm still chugging along, loving giraffes at the moment, learning how to draw still life and giving up on the apartment search (market has gone frothy) and trusting.

+ inspira, can't wait to see you over scones and earl's grey.

~ exp~


Inspira said...

Hey sweetie, just to let you know that the enbloc sales will take a slow turn now up till the end of the year (the laws are going to be changed) so the prices of properties towards end of the year may be a bit more favourable.

exp said...

yay! the owners of old developments will be less obnoxious :)

~ exp ~