17 July 2007

Happy Anniversary!

(Image courtesy of Bibi Creation)

It's been 365 days since we first posted. On 17 July 2006, Exp bravely took the first step towards our blog-hood.

A year it has now been.

Looking back, how much I have grown. As a person. As an individual. As team player, working and playing with Exp --> Partnering in crime with Exp is one of the easiest transitions in my life. Thank you for such a kick-arse blog Exp! Here's to hopefully another 365 days chockful of posts.

Happy 1st Anniversary expinspira! ~ Inspira

1 comment:

exp said...

yowza - i actually forgot! my bad :P thanks for posting this: years seem to go by faster as i get older.

sending you lots of love, my darling friend *smooches*