29 June 2007

i dream in color

i'm waiting for the queue at mcdonald's across my office to fizzle out before leaving my cushy chair and my temperate environment to brave the equatorial heat to get fried chicken wings (yes, they serve wings at the big M in our neck of the woods.)

i hadn't given up dreaming yet - while the real estate prices in the market segment that is of relevance to me has scaled the sky for no apparent reason, i'm not giving up on doing the research work which entails daydreaming - i'm smugly confident that E and I will find a home (that's confidence with a capital C, source of which confounds me, i.e. no apparent reason.)

i intend to build a kitchen around coordinating outfits i would wear around the house...

Oscar and Kitchen 3
Oscar and Kitchen 1
Oscar and Kitchen 2

{Kitchen images from House and Garden, Outfits from Oscar de la Renta}

Oh, i can imagine popping cherries in my luscious lips, twirling around to the beat of bossa nova before heading out with my darling E to paint the town red.
Of course, a girl can only dream. I can't afford all the Oscars. And I intend to start sewing. Look what I found! and in the tummy realm of the world, i'm truly enjoying this {summer} read. if any of what i've written were gag-inducing, you have this to thank - i'm in a serious vintagey mood.

~ exp ~

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