27 May 2007

Work & Play

This past work week has been an interesting one.

From the normal grind of litigation, I lent a hand to my colleagues in the conveyancing department in pre-completion work of an en bloc property which comprises of 586 units (or thereabouts).

Friday was also the start of the Great Singapore Sale. Did I tell you that on Friday whilst out with M, it felt like the entire Singapore population is out in full force with us?! There was just something about M and I and the entire Singapore population along the stretch in front of Ngee Ann City that evening - it was a dizzying experience.

I must say though that in the spirit of the Sale, the Singaporean in me (i.e not wanting to lose a bargain) got myself a pre-loved Sigma lens from a forummer on an online community. I reckon I'll be busy experimenting with the new toy the next few weeks. ~ Inspira


lipstar said...

You are right. I think 3/4 of all Singaporeans were at Orchard that night because I'm pretty sure my mum wasn't there :p. I was at Ngee Ann City on Friday night. And two of my aunties were there too.

Inspira said...

Hi Lipstar! *waves*

No kidding! I just had to stand still at one spot in front of NAC and in 5 minutes, I would have stood in a different spot altogether! *gasp*