15 May 2007

The Chicken and I

(Summer Vegetables in "prep" state)

(Grilled Chicken with Summer Vegetables)

It's my second attempt at chicken with the oven. Grilled. And occasionally basted with citric juice mix.

I don't know - it doesn't look too appetising. They taste good though - so says M, anyway. But then again, he may be biased. Or afraid that if he says anything else, he'll hear no end from me. :-P No rendezvous with the toilet the last 4 hours so I think I did pretty good. :-) ~ Inspira

Ps. I should stick to pastry and chocolates instead of these main courses!


mini said...

as I've learned...looking good and tasting good are 2 different things!

Inspira said...

I hear you Mini - no wonder chefs are michelin starred. I leave the looking good AND tasting good to food prepared by them.